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Our dynamic ecosystem is made up of our team, based in Boston, MA & Ile Ife, Nigeria -- in aligned action with a diverse community of local-to-global: professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, designers, activists, educators, builders, allies, cross-sector partners, supporters  & advisors.  

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Jhana Senxian, a Harvard-trained social anthropologist, is the Founder & CEO of The Guild. She brings over 20 years of experience in quantitative & qualitative research, direct action & cross-sector collaboration, in the US, Europe, & Africa. She has both developed & directed strategic partnerships with the United Nations & served as an advisor to the UN Secretary General’s Office.

More than anything, Jhana has a passion for connection, urban transformation, wholeness & co-creation with local & global neighbors. Recognized for her research, publishing & grassroots action around resilience, sustainability, corporate responsibility & community transformation, Jhana is currently happiest being & co-creating with her personal & Guild family.  



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